Hacienda Guzmán is a world leader in the field of olive oil tourism. Here you can find as much history as in many Christian cathedrals, and it’s not surprising that it dates back to the 16th century. It is also a space that faithfully reflects the reality of the olive growing sector today, since all the processes required for obtaining the finest olive oil are carried out within its facilities, without ignoring innovation.


The olive-growing history of Hacienda Guzmán goes back more than six centuries, when Hernando, son of the famous discoverer Christopher Columbus, exported the olive oil produced on this estate to America. In fact, King Fernando VI or the Marquis of Ensenada are only some of the historical figures who, one way or another, have links to Hacienda Guzmán. As a result, it is today the headquarters of the Juan Ramón Guillén Foundation, which spearheads the promotion of olive growing culture in the world.

Fundación JR Guillén
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A 17th century mill

Each of the three towers at Hacienda Guzmán housed an olive oil beam press between the 16th and 19th centuries, making it the largest olive oil factory in the world 500 years ago. Today, the estate offers a faithful reconstruction of this process since it has a perfectly restored 17th century mill.

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The olive tree arboretum

One of the major attractions of Hacienda Guzmán is their living olive tree arboretum, a unique place in the world with more than 150 different varieties from five continents. In the arboretum visitors can learn about the characteristics of each species.

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The Carriage Museum

Our visitors can also contemplate in the stables the specimens of pure Spanish breed, visit the Carriage Museum and take a pleasant walk through the Andalusian Garden.

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Taste an exquisite EVOO

The experience is completed with a tasting of the exquisite selection of extra virgin olive oil produced right on the estate. A perfect ending that allows you to capture the essence of the Hacienda Guzmán.

Visit Hacienda Guzmán

If you would like to enjoy an olive oil tourism experience, simply fill out the contact. We will be happy to welcome you to Hacienda Guzmán.

Visit 1: guided tour + olive oil tasting

                  29,50 € per person (VAT included)

Visit 2: guided tour + olive oil tasting + visit to the harvesting

                  37 € per person (VAT included)

Visit 3: guided tour + olive oil tasting + breakfast

                 45 € per person (VAT included)


Working days Monday to Friday:

10.30-12.00 / 12.00-13.30 / 16.30-18.00*

* On Friday just morning visits.

Fundación JR Guillén
Fundación JR Guillén